Our company is fully qualified to provide you with:

Proven Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Smalltalk Programming expertise;
Many years of experience building business systems using Object Oriented techniques;
Years of experience designing and developing large insurance systems and applications
Proven Smalltalk, ENVY and software development mentoring;
Proven Project Management, Engineering and leadership expertise;
Real experience with real-time systems design and development;
Real experience with Artificial Intelligence techniques;
Many years of experience with both multi-tasking and multi-processing environments;
Many years of Naval Electronic Warfare (EW) application development experience with in-depth expertise in Electronic Support Measures (ESM).

These example projects attest to our ability to provide a full range of support for Object Oriented projects from concept through to finished product. Our expert personnel individually have almost 30 years experience in managing, designing and building complex object-oriented systems.

We can provide the same high quality service to you that we are providing to our existing customers. You can contact us by clicking this link.